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Marriage – On Earth as in Heaven is it Possible?

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Would Jesus tell us to pray – ask if it were not possible?? Matthew 6: 9-10

What would “Marriage – on Earth as in Heaven” look like?

Can you picture a bride and groom looking at each other with eyes of love? Picture the hope and desire in their eyes, wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of their lives pleasing one another and delighting in their beloved. They are so very much in love! They are two servants wanting and willing to lay their lives down for one another.

After a few weeks/ months/years what has happened?? Our individual preferences, wants, desires became more important than our loved ones happiness. Our past hurts begin to affect our relationship. Fears, insecurity and independence diminish our love and commitment in the marriage without our even knowing why we are doing or saying hurtful things to our mates. So what is the answer?

It really begins with you. Are you willing to pay the price?

It does not happen over night. The Potter has to remove many impurities from our minds and hearts. Our pride, self reliance, unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentments. For me, my independence was a major obstacle that caused turmoil in our marriage. It wasn’t until I declared that our marriage was the single most important thing in my life, and meant it that our marriage really began to flourish and blossom into a thing of beauty.

How determined are you to see His will being done in your life and in you marriage? Are you willing to lay your wants and desires at the foot of the cross and pray with your spouse for God’s will to be done in your marriage. His will is for the two of you to become one. A marriage on earth representing Christ and His Bride loving, caring honoring and respecting each other, willing to die for the other if need be.

Seek, knock, ask, be determined to press through to know and enjoy what it means to have a “Marriage on Earth as in Heaven”

Marriage The Incredible Gift

Thursday, March 9th, 2017


My heavenly Father has given me an incredible gift – one that I have not really appreciated or understood.
A gift that was wrapped up in a package that was hard to open and see what it really was.
There were many different parts, like a jigsaw puzzle.
He would give me clues but before that piece would fit into place, I would have to make some changes in my own life.
It looked hopeless at times, the pieces just wouldn’t fit, so I would pick up another piece and try it every which way
– Been there – done that!
Finally a few pieces started coming together.
Well the picture isn’t finished yet but it is almost too beautiful for words –
It is Christ and His Bride
It is Husband and Wife
It is every marriage determined to see what God’s plan is –
On earth as it is in Heaven
No longer two but one
You see everyone is like a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle and in marriage the two have to become one beautiful portrait
for the world to see and behold a thing of such incredible beauty that only God Himself could do it.
There are some basics – like building a foundation – like getting the outside pieces in place i.e. Love and Respect, the Five Love Languages and The Art of Marriage.
Then you begin with color i.e. things you enjoy doing together or patterns i.e. studying the Word together or shapes i.e. praying together, loving, laughing together. When stumped ask God for help.
He will likely require you to repent for a number of things i.e. selfishness, independence, pride or control before you will be able to bring some more parts together.
The wonder of it. You can’t do it yourself, your spouse can’t do it. Only God can bring out from the depths of your beings that which He created and planned in the first place


Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Marriage is “God’s Magnificent Obsession” as author Gary Thomas says in his book Lifelong Love.
How can He take two different individuals – male and female – from completely different backgrounds and experiences and make them ONE. All issues of mother/father/brother/sister/friends relationships, all previous trauma and addictions, habits and mind sets, to be set aside and made of lessor importance than the one for whom God says “leave all and cleave to this one so I can make you ONE – ONE with each other and ONE in Me.”
Male and female He created them to come together body, soul and spirit in unity , purpose and pleasure. He – His purpose and plan – created marriage for LIFE and LIFE more abundantly that the man and woman’s joy would be full and meaningful.
What a “Magnificent Obsession” to behold the “Bride of Christ”, the masterpiece (for) on display – even as Christ walked on this earth to reveal the love of the Father, so should marriage not only display the love of the Father but also their love one for the other.

On Earth as in Heaven 3

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Jesus told us to pray, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Your name, may Your Kingdom come and Your will be done.” Do you think He would tell us to pray it and it not be possible?

Is it possible to be on earth and experience heaven? We all know too well that we can experience hell on earth, which many of the refugees in war torn areas are, as well as are many that are in marriage relationships or other relationships full of pain and heart ache.

We began praying around five years ago that our desire was for our marriage to be on earth as in heaven. Holy Spirit has been doing much pruning and trimming over the years getting at the roots of selfishness, pride, insecurities and independence. We have experienced great improvement and enjoyment in our marriage and continue to believe that the very best is yet to come.

Last week we spent four days on our yearly marriage vision retreat which was inspired by Jimmie Evans of Marriage Today.It’s like we have had to come back down to earth which is not nearly as enjoyable. So – did we experience heaven on earth? We think so!



On Earth as in Heaven

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

When we “see” in the Word a promise that God wants to fulfill in our life, meditate (chew) on it, believe it and declare it, we will see it come to pass. FAITH is not only believing, it must be accompanied by the declaration of that which is not yet, believing that it will surely come to pass.

God’s plan for marriage from the beginning is that the two would become one. By faith that is what we need to be declaring, not cursing our marriage by agreeing with what the devil is saying i.e. that we were not made for each other.