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Monday, January 21st, 2019

Very significant events in the natural and in the heavens have happened over the last few years.
1. 4 Blood Moons that happened on Jewish feast days.
2. Solar eclipse across USA beginning in Salem Oregon and traveling across the US touching another 3 Salems.
3. Major political upset by Donald Trump as the 45th president and prophesied before hand
to be a Cyrus- (Isaiah 45)
4. September 2017 The Revelation 12 sign appeared in the heavens – the same position of the planets that happened
at the birth of Christ with 3 additional planets to make up the Revelation 12 sign.
5. Recognition of Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel.
6. One of the longest Blood Moons visible over the Middle east occurred July 27th 2018

The whole earth groaning waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God Romans 8:19-22
Fires, floods, rain, earthquakes and volcano’s are happening in the natural.
In the spiritual we are seeing hate animosity and violence being unleashed against the president of this country way beyond anything that has happened before.
We are in “The Last Days” and God is pouring out His Spirit so we will see the “Bride” arise and shine like never before.