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Prosperity In Marriage

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Prosperity, fulfillment, satisfaction, success in life begins and ends in relationship with one another and with God. All the rest of the stuff is of no value if you have no one you love and care about and no one loves and cares about you.

Jesus command to love God and to love one another becomes a very profound command when you finally come to realize that your relationships are far more valueable and priceless than anything else this world has to offer.

I have always been interested in trying to accumulate wealth and far too much time has been wasted at the expense of relationships, particularly when it came to my marriage and family. Hindsight is 100% however I am now placing relationships as the highest priority and hope that I can influence the younger generation to start on the path of placing your marriage, family and friends as your treasures to value and spend time and money on.

“Hath God said?” — That it is wrong to have sex before marriage??, That it is wrong to look at nude pictures of men or women?? That adultery or fornication is wrong??, That this is the way I am??, That abortion will inconvenience me??, That my enjoyment comes first??, This is the way it is??, I can’t change??, —-

Isn’t strange how we can justify our position or actions as though we are gods and control our own destiny and end up complaining to God for the consequences we reap?

We have all been bent out of shape and make wrong choices because of sin, the devil and growing up in a world that is getting darker and darker. Jesus came to take the penalty for our sins and iniquities, He came to heal our broken hearts, He came to give us Truth to set us free to walk with Him instead of with the world.

Jesus is the Light of the world and is calling you and me to walk in the light and to be lights that shine in the darkness with His Light and  His Glory.

Xsuzia – Fire, wind and rain of the Holy Spirit, come and burn out the dross in me and make me to be the man of God you have destined me to beome.